UX Design

10 Stakeholder Interview Questions


1. What are we developing and why? 2. Goal: What is your objective?

3. Measurement: How do you measure success? Is there a KPI?

4. Target audience: Who is the audience? Who do you want to reach? What are the demographics of the potential user base?

5. What are the current problems and strengths that you see in the current project and in similar projects?

6. Big Picture: How would this project support your goals as a whole?

7. Design: What is the design concept that you have in mind?

8. Context: What are relevant projects that are happening (i.e. back-end, third-party content, bugs)?

9. Timing: What does your schedule look like? How can we create a project timeline for feedback/review sessions that fits your schedule and the overall goal?

10. Communication: How do you like to communicate? (email, text, phone call, in-person meeting, phone meeting)