UX Design

What is the Jobs to Be Done Framework? #JBTD

outcome-based innovation it's a sales method, can be used for marketing purposes.

adamant not just a consumer insights, research method. Why? It's a design method. Ultimate goal is to make decision and trade-offs. We bring products into our lives. Google Voice is really cool. Can't get rid of email. There are no Jobs to Be Done that GoogleVoice fills.

3 stories --

1) I'm the growth guy. bring 3 new disruptive growth ideas by Monday.

2) I'm the development gal. Business case handed over with market reseasrch. Go execute. Found white space based on research, go fill this gap. The plight is.. how do i take abstract adjectives and describe a product against it? How will it be delivered?

How will design changes make an impact?

Jobs to be done is great to figure out: how to create growth, make better products, and make design changes and how it effects...navigates success and move away from the pitfalls.

Switching Behavior

Talk to them about "The Switch." When using JBTD techniques, you will be studying switching. Why do we study switching behavior?

Talk to people who have switched. Find people who have purchased something similar within 30-90 days. Find those stories that have emotional energies.

  • Scarcity. Future-oriented. Snickers-- energize to overcome.
  • Pull through or pushed through moment of choice. fear of running out. Fear of can't do what you want to do. Notion of fueling up. (vs. milky way, never thought of it)
  • I need something to make me feel better. Paired with wine and ice cream. Competive set is actually surprising. It's not Snickers vs. Milky Way. It's Snickers vs. other foods.

The fact that he is a profesor at HBR that he buys a high end laptop case. It's the situation. Identify the emotional moments to further her search, to learn more about the product, to buy not at all or to buy a quick decision.

Interviews are about 40 min to an hour.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this XX. I know you are taking time out of your workday to do this. We'll try to limit this to 45 minutes. Do you have a start-up at __? We are doing early research to find ____. WE get a couple of people on the phone to have a casual conversation about ____. We are interested in the languge. there is no wrong answer. We want to hear about the story that you have the _____that you..Think of a documentary. Help me figure out who was with you. How do i picture this? Think of us as ppl shooting a documentary. Get into certain themes, if i were filming could i recreate his, picture her going through this process.

How to analyze? Forces of Progress. Mathematical way to explain energy and emotions. Unpack that energy. Way to communicate and share it.