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7 Lessons on What Makes a Great Leader

Do you work at a company where the culture is all about infighting and politics? Are your talented co-workers  and employees flocking from the company?

One problem your company is having: your leadership lacks emotional intelligence. They may lack control of their feelings and impulses. They aren't creating a work environment of fairness and trust. Daniel Golemon wrote a Harvard Business Review article, "What Makes A Great Leader" about emotional intelligence. Here are 7 takeaways:

  1. Emotional Intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership
  2. Data and research showed that emotional intelligence proved to be twice as important as other skills. It inspires big-picture thinking and a long-term vision.
  3. If changes happen, don't panic. Roll with them. Suspend judgement. Seek out information. Listen. Move forward.
  4. Seek out creative challenges. Love to learn. Take pride in a job well done. Be passionate!
  5. Empathy is when you consider feelings along with other factors when you are making an intelligent decision.
  6. Empathy is not about adopting other people's emotions as your own and trying to please everybody.
  7. It is best learned through motivation, extended practice and feedback.

What are your own thoughts on emotional intelligence? How do you learn and cultivate your emotional intelligence?

**Read the article here.