UX Design

Career Advice from Rick Marini

Rick Marini recently came into Tradecraft to give Tradecrafters insight into what he has learned over the last 15 years as CEO of BranchOut and serial entrepreneurship. Here are my notes:

4 Things to Look for When Hiring Talent:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Can-do attitude
  3. Integrity
  4. Fun

Find Mentors

When you do find a mentor, you are asking for their time. Be respectful. Give. Don't be a taker. How do you give back to your mentor? Pay for the coffee. Give an update. Write a handwritten note. Don't say "pick your brain." Do say, "You have [x] years of experience..."

Be Hungry. Be Humble. Be Ambitious. 

This shit is hard. Hard days are worth it. The mountain bike metaphor: A mountain bike with shocks. Love it. Get beat-up. Love the ecosystem.

Remember how lucky we are.

When Rick Marini first started his career, he paid his dues. He worked from 7am to midnight. 

It doesn't mean you have to love the product you work with, but something you can get behind.

Find your technology soulmate.

Find your technology soulmate. You two have the same passion. Find that mutual trust. Partner with someone with a skill set that is complimentary to yours.

There are over 1000 start-ups in SOMA. Woahh! Get in the right company. Get the right role.

Series A? B? or C?

Look at B or C companies, a company you can learn from. Think about: is this a company I can learn from? Series B and C companies have some structure, but they don't have the same risk ask Series A. Learn and contribute.

Early companies will have one growth person.

If you are interested in equity, ask: "I want know know I can get more equity in the future. Can we sit down in 6 months?" Ask this if you work your butt off and prove yourself.

Who were the best employees at BranchOut awesome and why?

  • Sales guy. He never said no. He was early in and early out. He was a pleasure to be around.
  • Growth guy. Started in design, moved to product then growth. He did data crunching. He wasn't the best at data, great at design, flows, UI, and great copy. Great copy.
  • UX and UI Web Designer. She had 15 years of experience. She was fast. She listened. She would have three ideas with three different treatments. She doesn't just do it her way. She will offer options. Think about the user. Give great experience. Iterate. Be humble, be okay with being wrong. She would put her designs in front of people.