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How a Mentor Can Catapult Your Career in Design

Product designers are a rare breed. When I meet an experienced designer specializing in tech, I go ballistic.  How lucky am I? I just met so-and-so! They talked about...and ...!! Wow! This person is so inspiring. I want to be just like them! I've met over designers who have shaped the way I think. They inspire. They motivate. They help. They make you think.

Or maybe, you've had a nagging thought that is so nebulous, it could never be put into a coherent sentence. If you tried to explain it to someone out loud, you'd get a blank stare because it didn't make any sense. But then, someone says what you've been thinking in the purest form: it's clear. It's insightful. It's a complete thought. It opens up the way you see things. To me, these are mentors. These are role models who I can think about, ask and answer: who do I want to become? What do I want to do?  

These people have done it, been there. And they make it oh-so clear. Here is a list of some people who've done just that.

  • Indi Young
  • Kate Rutter
  • Laura Klein
  • Alice Lee
  • David Hendee
  • Chris Auyeung
  • Mike Monteiro
  • Osborne Chen
  • Alexa Andrzejeweski

The design community is small, really small. Everyone knows everyone. There's 2 or 3 degrees of separation.

The great thing about growing into your own skin is how people outside of your immediate profession make the biggest impact.

  • Shawn Plunkett (a personal development, wisdom carrying, kindest person who exudes authenticity of charm.)
  • Nir Eyal (not a designer, but an incredible person who is nothing short of a genius.)

I'll update this post later to write out some favorite quotes.