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The Ultimate Enterprise UX Challenges


The guys at UXPin asked,

What is the greatest challenge you face as a B2B Designer? What tactics are you using to overcome?

 The theme was around the distinct problems you face within the Enterprise UX space. The original post was posted on the UXPin blog titled, The Ultimate Enterprise UX Challenges and Solutions

Here's what I said.

What is the greatest challenge you face as a B2B designer?

Design within the enterprise space is about separating the solution from the problem.

The greatest challenge I face as a designer is getting caught up in the designs before I understand the why. This is when I get worried.

Design is where I thrive. Sketching, wireframing, prototyping - these are the things that get me my heartbeat pumping. With an empty white board and marker, I slip into a zone of determination. I am itching to sketch out the best design. It’s going to have a slick interaction here. It will use a pretty blue hue. I feel exhilarated.

But you can’t design awesome things if you don’t understand the problem. As apps evolve, simple designs get complicated. Under the hood, legacy code piles up. Living design systems need to stay fresh and consistent.

What tactics are you using to overcome?


Good design starts with words.


Good design starts with words. Why? The success of a product depends on two factors: the person using it and if the product can do what the person wants.


For your next project, write a series of narrative-based use cases. Take the approach of a storyteller. Dive into each step of a user’s journey.

A lot of us want to rush into this from the other end: focusing on the visual details. We get sucked into the void of solutions and lose sight of the problem.

It’s a framework for you and your team to solve wicked enterprise problems.

Breakthroughs come from writing. When you work relentlessly to give your users the most compelling experience possible with thoughtful design (italics) and (italics) writing - you’ve solved the problem.