Crazy Egg Onboarding & Dashboard Redesign

When I worked on this project in 2017, I had just finished working on the Crazy Egg Design System to create a system of reusable components and a Unified Design Language.

I led a team of two designers and partnered with Product, Engineering, and Marketing to define, design, implement, and iterate upon the onboarding experience.

Problem Statements

Customer interviews, competitive analysis, and customer feedback identified several user pain points that became key areas of focus:
  • Disjointed user experience from visiting the Homepage, signing-up, entering credit card details, creating a Snapshot, and landing on the Dashboard
  • Major usability problems that caused abandonment


  • Increase number of users who sign-up —> enter credit card —> create a snapshot —> land on dashboard
  • Reduce abandonment during onboarding journey
  • Reduce monthly churn rates
  • Decrease user doubt and anxiety

Audit of the entire user journey before redesigning

Task Flow

Final Designs