Thanks for checking out my work!

I hail from Southern California. I grew up in Santa Monica, a stone's throw from the beach. I attended Santa Monica High School, where I graduated in 2007.

Education & Career

I went to UC Berkeley. There, I was the first person to graduate from the College of Environmental Design and the Haas School of Business. I received 2 degrees and a minor:

  • Bachelor of Arts - Architecture

  • Bachelor of Science - Business Administration

  • Minor in City Regional Planning

I shipped UX at Tradecraft under the instruction of Kate Rutter and Laura Klein. I currently work as a Product Designer at Crazy Egg. It's my dream job. Dreams do come true. 

I am in love with product design. I'm in love with the magic of it. The pace. The excitement. The creativity. I say, let's make it happen. Dreams do come true.

Honestly, if someone brings up my education or my career, I usually shrug it off and duck my head. I'm just a designer. I say that a lot to my peers. It's a folksy answer. It's my way of not appearing snooty.

There are times when I make myself small. I want to make everyone else feel comfortable. But, why do I think other people feel awkward? I want to feel free to say what I want to say.

I don't want to apologize. I don't want to downplay things that I do well. Which is why, I created this blog.

This blog is a way for me to express myself with what I love most: design.


When I'm not designing, my love for adventure inspires me to travel. I've backpacked 22-miles in Big Sur, traveled to Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, Ireland, UK, Iceland, Sweden, Spain,  Singapore and Thailand.

I love photography, swimming, biking, camping and learning languages. I can speak, read and write Mandarin.

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